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We can assist with many types of change challenge - preparing for new life change demands, designing and building new work-life balance portfolios, business process & personal performance improvement strategies, empowerment exercises, even changing the way that both business and individuals manage change beyond delivering the capability - we have successfully assisted in all of the above, and many other areas of people change and performance measurements.

PLANit S.M.A.R.T.   Life Change Solutions is a specialist change management education provider.  We help you plan, manage and create real change solutions using a structured,  ensuring that you realize tangible and demonstrable business and personal benefit.

We take away the challenges of managing change by planning S.M.A.R.T. solutions that deliver proven results!

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Success coach Jack Canfield states in his book The Success Principles that, “Vague goals produce vague results.” In order for you to achieve a goal, you must be very clear about what exactly you want. Often creating a list of benefits that the accomplishment of your goal will bring to your life, and identify risk resolutions  that will give your mind a compelling reason to pursue that goal.


It’s crucial for goal achievement that we are able to track your progress towards your goal. That’s why all goals need some form of objective measuring system so you can stay on track and become motivated when you enjoy the sweet taste of quantifiable progress.


Setting big goals is great, but setting unrealistic goals will just de-motivate you. PLANit S.M.A.R.T.     measures a good goal as one that challenges, but is not so unrealistic that you have virtually no chance of accomplishing it.


Before we even set your goals, we get a good idea by sitting down to define your core values and your life purpose because it’s these tools which ultimately decide how and what goals you'll choose for your life. Goals, in and of themselves, do not provide any happiness. Goals that are in harmony with your life purpose do have the power to make you happy.


Without setting deadlines for your goals, you won't have any real compelling reason or motivation to start working on them. By setting a deadline, your subconscious mind begins to work on that goal, night and day, to bring you closer to achievement.


success is a choice... Thank you for choosing PLANit S.M.A.R.T.    !

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